Meat the Press Mondays [8/25/08]

Starting today, every Monday I’ll be presenting “Meat the Press Mondays” where I’ll introduce you to some type or cut of meat, show you how to cook a specific cut, or any other techniques we find out people have questions about.  Many of these posts will include a video or “how-to” list to hopefully make it as useful as possible for you.

For this week’s video, I thought I’d introduce you to our restaurant, Caminito Steakhouse.  You won’t see me plug the restaurant often, except where it applies to the topic of the post, as I want this blog to be educational for the readers showcasing our expertise, interests, recipes, and other random musings.  However, I think it’s important to present the restaurant in this light so that in future posts you’ll be able to understand the foundation of some of my recommendations, ideas, etc.

If you have any questions about meats, whether it be about certain cuts, how to cook a specific cut, appropriate cooking temperatures, etc…please leave a comment so that we can post it during a future episode of Meat the Press Mondays.

We hope you enjoy!

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