Fresh Fridays: Thai Pork with Vegetables and Noodles

This week the spotlight for Fresh Fridays is on a Thai dish that I created earlier in the week.  I love Thai food and kept meaning to try making it and I finally had the opportunity.  This recipe is for Thai pork with vegetables and noodles in a red curry sauce.  I chose to make it using Thai Kitchen Red Curry Sauce instead of making the sauce from scratch.  I did this due to time constraints and also to make the recipe easy for anyone else to make.

This recipe was designed to be tweaked to your liking.  You can substitute the pork for chicken, use a different type of Thai sauce, add or remove any vegetables or seasonings that you don’t like.


1lb pork chopped into 1/2 in. pieces

1 medium shallot

1 can of sliced whole potatoes

1 red bell pepper chopped into 1/2 pieces

1/4 cup of scallions chopped

1 can baby corn

3-4 medium cloves of garlic

Sm. package of shitake mushrooms sliced

1/8-1/4 cup of salted peanuts finely chopped

1 box of thin rice noodles

1-2 jars of Thai Kitchen Red Curry Sauce

Peanut Oil

Pinch of crushed red pepper flakes (to taste)

Pinch of salt and black pepper (to taste)


After chopping the vegetables and cutting the pork or chicken (on separate cutting boards of course!), take the box of thin rice noodles and place them into a large glass bowl.  Cover the noodles with very hot tap water and set aside for 15-20 minutes so that the noodles are al dente.

Place the wok over medium-medium high heat.  [It is preferable that you use a large wok but a deep pan would work as well if a wok is not available]  Pour a few tablespoons of peanut oil into the wok enough to coat the bottom.  Allow the oil to heat for 1-2 minutes and then add in the garlic.  Allow the garlic to cook for about 1 minute and add in the pork.

As the pork cooks, season it with a pinch of salt, black pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.  When the pork is approximately 1/2 cooked, add in all of the vegetables except for the mushrooms.  Pour a few more tablespoons of peanut oil over the vegetables as well as another pinch of salt, black pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.

Allow the vegetables and pork to cook together for approximately 5 minutes.  Add in the jar(s) of red curry sauce and chopped peanuts.  Continue cooking over medium heat continually stirring until the chopped red bell pepper has begun to soften.  Drain the thin rice noodles and add to wok.  Add the sliced shitake mushrooms.  Mix all ingredients together and cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Note: If you prefer more sauce to pour over the plate then use 2 jars of the sauce.  However, if you reduce any portion sizes, then you should just use a single jar.

Serve with some of the scallions and peanuts, if you have extra, on top for garnish.


You can download a PDF version of this Thai pork with vegetables and noodles recipe.

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Photo by Ken@Yokohama

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