Yes, I’m still alive!

For those wondering, I am still alive!  I had a business emergency which snatched me from BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and I had to go the Philippines for the past week or so.  Unfortunately, my schedule there prevented me from being able to do anything else besides fix the issues that were going on.  However, I’m back and have a bunch of posts lined up over the next few days.

Today I wanted to share with you a keynote that I recently watched from Gary Vaynerchuk.  You might know Gary from Wine Library TV.  If you have no clue what I’m talking about then definitely visit him over there if you love wine (which I know all of you Prime Cuts fans do 🙂 ).

I really respect Gary for his passion, dedication and for being real.  I’ve watched a few of his keynotes and other non-wine related videos and they are all motivating…especially when you’re feeling tired (like from a 24hr long flight) or run-down from working long hours on whatever it is that you do.


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