Meat the Press Mondays: Learn Your Cuts of Steak – The Beef Digarams

A few weeks ago we discussed some of the most popular cuts of steak.  For today’s Meat the Press Mondays we wanted to further your knowledge of the different cuts of steak by presenting you with the beef diagram.  These diagrams will show you where the cuts come from on the cattle as well as the typical shapes of these cuts.  There are a lot of different versions of these diagrams but the following two are the most simple but informative.

It seems that everyone I talk to has a different favorite cut of steak.  So, I’m curious to know what your favorite cuts of steak are and why?  Please post your responses in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “Meat the Press Mondays: Learn Your Cuts of Steak – The Beef Digarams”

  1. Susan from Food Blogga Says:

    After having been a vegetarian for many years, eating steak again has been a slow process for me. Right now, I like top sirloin since it’s really lean. I’m thinking I need this poster in my kitchen!

  2. Justin Levy Says:

    @Susan- I tend to like top sirloin and filet because they are both really lean. I think the beef diagrams are interesting because most folks don’t understand why the cuts of steak are the way they are since they don’t know where the cuts are located.

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