about Justin R. Levy
Justin began his career in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 when he began cleaning tables at Paisano’s Restaurant in Southampton, MA. He quickly moved through the ranks and learned every aspect of the restaurant under the mentorship of owner and successful restaurateur Constantine Sierros.

After moving away to college, Justin left the restaurant business while focusing on his studies and involvement with various philanthropic ventures. Following college, he became back involved with the restaurant industry working with Chili’s in Simsbury, CT. Justin also took on website development for Joe and began helping his friend learn how to market the restaurant to help it become as successful as both had envisioned.

Justin now focuses on rapidly exposing Caminito through organizations, affiliates, networking opportunities and events. Levy has taken the quality that Gionfriddo has created and now is introducing the Northeast to it.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Justin is involved in several companies and projects which help him to develop expertise in several fields as well as develop strong network:

  • Justin is the Managing Director of That’s Great News where he manages multiple outsourced sales, research and graphics teams, marketing, special projects and develops creative processes utilizing information technology and outsourcing capabilities.
  • Justin is the Managing Director of That’s Great PR!, an internet PR agency which takes their clients’ recent positive press and exposes it to the world by distributing it to over 100,000 media outlets.
  • Justin is currently Vice President of Business Development for Roscoe Enterprises, a leading management consulting firm.
  • Justin owns and operates J.Levy Consultants, a business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) consulting firm.
  • Justin is the editor of the That’s Great PR! blog.
  • Justin has recently been named a featured columnist for Personal Branding Magazine.

In 2000 Justin was named President of Talent Network, LLC, which he transformed from a part-time disc jockey service into a multi-faceted entertainment company providing disc jockeys, dancers, instructors, promotional items, music production, and several other similar services.

about Joseph M. Gionfriddo:
Joe has always felt at home in front of the grill. He started his career in the kitchen of Roberto’s in Northampton, MA at the age of 15. Joe quickly climbed the ranks and stayed there through his first year of college.  He learned all aspects of the Roberto’s kitchen including pizza making, short order and line cooking. Through this time, Joe managed to hire his own hit squad of friends to assist him in the kitchen.

After a family move, Joe spent a summer as the head chef at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort. While this isn’t considered the pinnacle of Joe’s cooking experiences, it did aid in his mastery of grilling techniques which he uses every day in the kitchen at Caminito.

A year after Yogi Bear’s, he began working at the now-defunct Harvest Valley Restaurant. While there Joe trained under MaryAnn Salcedo from Fox’s hit series “Hell’s Kitchen“. Salcedo is a classicly trained French chef and had the honor of training under celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsey. Salcedo helped to push Joe’s skill to that of an executive chef.

From there, Joe joined the Caminito staff, taking over as the executive chef and eventually buying out the previous owner in November 2006. Since buying the restaurant, he has continued building a menu comprised of hand-cut choice steaks paired with top-shelf wines including Caminito’s specialty, Malbec wines. Joe continues to push the traditional steakhouse to another level by influencing his selections with hints of Argentine flavor.

about Caminito:
is a traditional steakhouse with Argentinean influences. At Caminito, steaks are our specialty. We grill top quality, hand cut Black Angus beef the way the gauchos do, over an all natural wood fire. We take it to another level by burning exclusively apple and cherry wood for added flavor and aroma. We offer many of the traditional steakhouse cuts such as Filet Mignon, NY Strip, and Ribeye. We also offer less familiar Argentinean cuts including bone-in Shortrib Strips and Skirt Steak.

Caminito offers a full beer and wine menu boasting an extensive Argentine-inspired wine list. We specialize in top-shelf Malbecs but also serve an array of other top-shelf wines including various reds, whites, sparkling, and combinations. Our steaks and wines are chosen to be truly unique and you’ll have a hard time finding many of our choices anywhere else…at least not the way we cook them! Everything from bread to desserts is homemade at Caminito.

© Copyright Justin Levy, jlevy at caminitosteakhouse dot com


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