World Wide Wine Tour: Argentina – Red Wines

Over the past couple weeks we have focused on meat related topics such as how to build a perfect fire, different cuts of steak for that fire and a great homemade sauce for those steaks.  Now we present what we consider to be the best compliment to a great steak – a fine glass of wine.

We will be breaking this concept out into several posts including information on both red and white wines.  We are still debating on how we will share this information and we think that it might be fun to present it to you as a world tour.  Sound good?  Ok, glad you agree!

Let’s start this world tour highlighting what we know best and think everyone should try – types of red from Argentina.  Argentinean wine has continued to become more and more popular especially over the past few years.  This makes it the perfect country to start with on this tour!

Malbec – Currently the most famous Argentine grape.  The Malbec grape was originally grown in France but has developed its best characteristics in Argentina.  Loaded with spicy, smokey, robust flavors, Malbec can be an extremely bold wine.  But in some of the more fruit forward bottles this boldness is subdued by the jammy cherry and berry flavors which are more evident than the spicier ones.

Popular Brands
Santa Isabel
Luigi Bocsa Finca La Linda
Terra Rosa Old Vine
Almos Seleccion
Luigi Bosca Single Vineyards DOC
Punto Final Reserva
Bodega Colome
Catena Alta

Cabernet SauvignonCabernet is one of the most commonly grown red grapes, and for good reason – it displays terrific smoothness, sweetness, and concentration of a wide range of flavors.  The Cabernet grape also has a tremendous capacity for aging.  Common flavors present in Cabernets include cherry, plum, berry, spice, vanilla, tobacco, mocha, chocolate, and coffee.

Popular Brands
Nieto Senetiner
Navarro Correas
Terrazas Reserva
Luigi Bosca Gala 2

Bonarda -The most widely planted Argentine grape, the origins of which are Italian.  Known for a distinct ruby red to purple color.  This wine has tremendous sweetness and smoothness, and can often include flavors of raspberries, flowers, licorice, vanilla, anise, white pepper, dark chocolate, smoked wood, and tobacco.   The natural sweetness of this grape can also lend itself to a dessert or fortified Bonarda.

Popular Brands
La Posta
Nieto Senetiner Limited Edition

Pinot Noir -Recently Pinot Noir has had a great increase in popularity, and for good reason, these wines display an incredible amount of flavor while being at the same time very smooth in a way that would not be common for such bold flavors.  Piinot Noir can gain different flavor profiles from the time it is aged in wood barrels.  Typically, the less oak aged types have more upfront flavors of red fruits, vanilla, and caramel while the longer oaked varietals will display more upfront flavors of wood, earth, flowers, and spice.

Popular Brands
Trapiche Oak Cask
Luigi Bosca Pinot Noir

Tempranillo -This grape is originally from Spain and due to the similar growing and climate conditions, this grape grows well in Argentine soil.  Tempranillo can offer intense character and deep flavors of cherries, black raspberries, cardamom and allspice.

Popular Brands

Photo by IanL

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